Hot and cold.

Guys , I don’t know what it is with you and food.  I think , perhaps, some of you think cooking is difficult, time consuming and therefore , not worth it.  One of my standard questions in the dating-that’s-really-an-interview process is: “So, do you cook?” 

There are many reasons I ask, but one of them is that it’s fucking sexy when a man I’m attracted to can cook me something, and cook it well  – that’s not a euphemism, but it usually, conveniently, translates into other areas. One of my favorite guy-cooked-for-me memories was when a boyfriend of mine  sauteed shrimp in butter and garlic – and that’s what we had for dinner.  Simple, yummy, drippy, slippery, and good.  He wasn’t a culinary wizard, but he had confidence in that dish – he knew he could do it and do it well. And he did.

But, this post isn’t about men and cooking.  



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Some Like it Hot.

By now, you know that I like things hot.

I have commented on what I prefer to see men in. I have written about my love for tomatoes, grits soufflés, German beer and complicated sex. 

I have alluded to, but not quite elaborated on , that dangerous state of being a Cougar.  


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