Drink, Sweat, Eat

I’m sure you’re heard of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, yes?  I hope beyond hope that you know it was a book first. Right?!

I know there are those among you who don’t read books, or who haven’t read that particular book (don’t worry, this is not a whole post dedicated to the virtues of the book… but indulge me – I will spend a few paragraphs on it).   It is not a story about Julia Roberts and her gastronomic adventures around the world.

Photo: Foodnetwork.com

It’s a story of an actual woman who went through the same thing that millions of women the world over go through. Significant , life changing relationship ended (in her case, in divorce). Heartache.  Rebound relationship (with a younger man, I might add, meow).  Life-changing decision, growth, exploration, food, extra lbs, renewal, acceptance, yadda yadda (Yes, I “yadda yadda-ed” the good part).

It was a book that really meant a great deal to me, and I took away a large life lesson, but that’s a bit more personal than this girl gets in writing.

The second best thing from that book? Oh, as if,  like you don’t know.

The. Food.

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Not Hot

I’ve had enough of cooking for a while (don’t ask). Don’t worry, it’s only temporary.

My frustration levels are off the charts (don’t ask). I hope it’s temporary.

So, what does this tired and frustrated girl do?  Well, I like to watch.

photo: northernsunblinds.co.uk

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Body (or Mind?) Heat

It’s been hot.  Really hot.  And, when it’s hot, my mind wanders. I start to think about things other than food.

Heat. Skin. Chemistry.  Unshakeable good memories.  History.  Summer has a way of doing that to me.


Photo: Sodahead.com

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