About Me

Good food and good men are the same really.  They both can excite me, make me giddy with anticipation, and leave me wanting more.

They’re hard to come by.

Welcome to my search for both.

I’m a no-longer-thirty-something foodie who is really passionate about lots of things (by passionate I mean, crazily, swooningly, deleriously rapturous, as well as downright pissed off).  I have strong opinions about good food, bad food, what food looks like, tastes like, and well, just about everything else.  I love food photography, and reading recipes.

I am also single.  Sometimes the search for a Someone sizzles, sometimes the flame is extinguished before it even catches.  Rarely is there a roaring blaze.

I love to cook, I love to eat. I hate to date, but I love men.  Above all, I like to add a little heat – without it, food is raw and one’s love life stale.  When I’m not working my day job, I’ll try to raise the temperature by sharing my thoughts on food, recipes, cooking, eating, men, dating…whatever gets me steamed or steamy.  Whatever the topic, there will be no shortage of opinion or food.  I hope you’ll come by often to get warm, and see what’s new as this site evolves.

Keep it hot,



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