Let’s get one thing straight, boys.  Holding a fork with your fist is not permitted past the age of 8.When your mom stops cutting your meat for you, you should know the proper way to hold a fork.


photo:George Marks, allposters.com


I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Undateable”   list.  Don’t knock it.  Every single item is absolutely spot on.

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Out of Tune

Merriam-Webster defines a mandolin as:  “a musical instrument of the lute family that has a usually pear-shaped body and fretted neck and four to six pairs of strings.”

Many Triangle residents, however, are defining Mandolin as an exciting newcomer to the Raleigh dining scene, where one can enjoy Chef Sean Fowler’s creations. 

I thought I’d share what I thought.


photo: mandolin-raleigh.com

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A Little Heat

Let me tell you a story.


photo: destinationdarkness.com

There once was a little girl who detested brussels sprouts.

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