Some Like it Hot.

By now, you know that I like things hot.

I have commented on what I prefer to see men in. I have written about my love for tomatoes, grits soufflés, German beer and complicated sex. 

I have alluded to, but not quite elaborated on , that dangerous state of being a Cougar.  


I will neither confirm nor deny ever having engaged in such a dalliance.  But I will say this.  Twenty-five year olds have a definite allure. There is something to be said for boundless energy, lowered inhibitions; there’s a certain level of appreciation, respect, admiration that a 25 year old guy can give to an older woman.  There are so many lessons that a young, willing pupil has to learn…  Geography, for example – and I do mean, as in, on a map.  Of the world.  This is not a euphemism.  (I once referred to a date not knowing some very basic Canadian geography…)

Back in the day, a “May/December Romance”  seemed to hold a certain charm.  Today, let’s call a spade a spade.

It’s about sex.  Right??

Most men do not fantasize about Sofia Loren.  And she is fucking hot.  They fantasize about Megan Fox.

Okay, Megan is hot too, but , really? When the Berlin Wall came down, she was potty training.

Calm down, this will not be a post whining about men my age wanting younger women (because, really, most men my age who want 25 year olds are, really, boys.).  It’s just an observation worth considering (I mean, really? She was six years old when Clinton was elected. Okay, I’ll stop, I know I’m killing your buzz.). 

No matter whether an older woman is with a younger man or an older man is with a  younger woman.  The initial draw is the same, surely.  It’s flattering that someone so much younger, firmer, jauntier wants you.  Isn’t it?  And, you, being the older of the two, know what this young buck doesn’t  (life, love, mortgages, kids, exes…).  The innocence is charming.  It’s tempting.  It’s seductive. 

Being wanted by someone so much younger makes you feel young.  That is where the power of the 25 year old lies, and most of them don’t even know they have that power.  Dating , or , come on, just sleeping with someone so much younger puts a spring in your step.  It  makes you think, “Damn! I look good!  I can still attract the young ones!” It feels good, I know. Er, I mean, that’s what I’ve heard.

The label of “Cougar” seems to be the cool one to have, these days.  Madonna does it .  A lot.  Demi married her prey.  Halle had a child with hers. 

 What happens when your hot young thing wants to come over at 3am after a night out celebrating the team’s victory, and you have a major presentation to the VP at 8am?  You can’t very well stumble into the board room as though it were finals week and you pulled an all-nighter the night before, hoping to ace the test anyway (Oh.  You mean you studied all night? Whoops.).

I mean, sure, it  can work, but I think Demi is the exception.  Why?

Because everyone knows men are fickle.  The real way to do this is to be the younger one in the relationship. 


That way, no matter where you find that new grey hair, you still look better than him.  And , hey, ED meds have come a long way, baby. 😉   Maybe this is the way to go. Thanks, Ally McBeal, for the inspiration. 

All I’m really saying is this:

The young ones are hot. Delicious.  Firm. Fun.  Insatiable. And that can be good. Really good.  Playing on the playground is a fantastic way to cheer yourself up, to make you forget that you’re an adult.  It’s fun to be a kid.  If you want to eat ice cream (stay tuned for a recipe adventure post!) for breakfast every day, then do it. 


So, go get yours. Just acknowledge and own it like the real predatory cat you are. You know that you’re getting what you want, and it’s probably not a forever thing. 

I don’t judge (much) people who are in relationships with younger people. I get it, I do. That is, I think it sounds  really intriguing, from what I’ve heard.  So, have fun, and if you’ve never dallied in the younger man pool, for God’s sake, go.

 Jump right in, the water is fine, it’s nice and cool when the days are brutally hot. You don’t even need a suit.

At least, that’s the rumor.


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