Old-Fashioned Heat

I am not old fashioned when it comes to dating , sex, or much else really.

However,  I do think that too many people are too quick to go for what’s easy, fast, readily available.  I don’t (always) agree that faster, easier is better. 

I don’t use a microwave (okay, sometimes, but very very rarely).  I love old things (recipes, houses, furniture, vintage clothing, dishes).  I never ever deep fry. I bake. I grill. I simmer. I like to cook the old fashioned way. I even wear an apron (vintage, of course, with cherries on it).

I like to relax like a man in 1962:  I prefer to be at home with a nice pinot , zinfandel,  or scotch over going to a bar.  My favorite cocktail is an Old Fashioned.

photo: filmfataleevents.blogspot.com

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