Hotter than …

Just a quickie today to share some love.




For anyone within a reasonable drive of Raleigh, NC, I hope to hell you’ve visited the state farmer’s market.  I’d forgotten what a treat it is, what really neat people are there, and well, let’s not forget, it’s where I learned about Climax.


Climax, NC is a little town in NC where apparently a whole lotta farmin’ goes on.  I want to make ALL sorts of ribald jokes about how I don’t know how to get to Climax, and hopefully someone will take me to Climax, but, I”ll behave, for now.  Each vendor/family farm proudly displays their banners at their stalls – go, see if you can spot the veggies from Climax.

Really and truly, I was just overwhelmed with produce love at yesterday’s visit – it was hotter than hell and and I was there before 10am.  There were quite a few people there, and the sheer amount of produce looked like the opening to heaven.



I bought some amazing peaches, and lots of beautiful heirloom tomatoes.  The folks were friendly, the produce was beautiful – it’s prime peach and tomato season, you know. Their website offers this handy -dandy guide to what’s in season when:

Commodity Availability Chart

After sweating more than a lady should (ahem) , I wandered inside to check outo what vendors might delight  me there.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Dave, selling his farm’s cheese.


You can’t imagine how good this cheese is. I have had my fair share of varieties of goat cheese. From mass-produced, to small locally produced, Prodigal Farm’s is among the best.  Like Cypress Grove? You’ll love Prodigal Farm’s chevre.  Their wares are for sale at the Farmer’s Market and at a lovely little cheese shop in Durham.

The best part? They’re Animal Welfare Approved.  Happy goats apparently make damn fine chevre.

I know, I know, you’re burning to read about my  latest recipe adventure and you probably will want to read what I have to say about passion… but, first thing’s first.  Peaches, tomatoes and goat cheese get precedence today… I’ll satisfy your other desires later in the week, I promise. 

It’s been hot enough, so stay inside and create your own heat while staying cool.



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