“…we live in a world of peril and change – and in so uncertain a time we are all the more grateful for the indestructible gifts of hope and love, which sustain us in adversity and inspire us to labor unceasingly for a more perfect community within this nation and around the earth.” 

-John F. Kennedy, November 7, 1961. Thanksgiving Proclamation


I am reminded, unfortunately, this Thanksgiving, that not every day brings good.  Some days bring sadness, fear, dishonesty, pain. 

While I am lucky to be healthy and sound, many are not.

I try to be honest and respectful (well, mostly) and treat others as I’d like to be treated. I have had recent experiences that remind me that there are people who don’t care who they frighten, intimidate, scare, disrespect, or see as fodder for entertainment or gratification.

So, tonight, after a stressful day, and  in the midst of baking and cooking for a feast with family and friends, I’m reminded of that for which I’m grateful and I pause to take note.

Genuine , simple joy

The ability to tell those I care about that they are important

My cast iron skillet

A steady income

Good health, and the ability to improve it at will

A small circle of friends, family, loved ones I can rely upon

Good food and the ability to create it

…or laugh at myself when I create something not good

A sense of humor



A full belly at the end of each day, a solid home to live in, clothes to wear, plenty to drink

The ability to recognize that I am lucky.


Happy Thanksgiving.


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